Thursday, 1 August 2013

And so it begins..

There are thousands, if not millions, of beauty bloggers and skincare pages on the internet - however, my aim with Skincare Musings is pretty simple. I just want an outlet to publicize my findings and opinions, quickly and effectively.

I'm a designer in my 20's and since my teens, have had a love for skincare - I enjoy make-up, clothes, handbags and shoes as much as the next girl, but skincare! Skincare has always been a passion. Something I am forever learning about, researching and strongly believe is worth time, effort and investment. No amount of make-up or artificial procedure will compensate for the miracle which is our skin - where natural, God-gifted beauty shines through.

I have tried various skincare ranges, methods, techniques, home-made treatments and there have been some interesting truths to the beauty and skincare industry worth noting. One of the biggest lessons I have learnt is that some product hypes are just not for everyone and some products are truly worth the hype they're not getting!

So here we begin. I won't post regularly as that wouldn't be practical, but think of this as my skincare/beauty diary. Whenever I find something worth posting about, I will - whether it's a positive or negative review, it will be with your benefit in mind. 

Have a fantastic day :)

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